This is our space to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and reflect on the themes of our 10th grade honors American Literature course. Adding content and sharing has never been easier! We will build the knowledge on this site together by contributing to our online discussions by posting responses and questions, and through customizing a personal page (My Page).

Overall, this site should help us reflect on the themes and goals of the 10th grade English course, celebrate our accomplishments, and streamline how we share and learn information.



  • When you post, it is important to be respectful; be respectful of other people posting and respect yourself. This means that personal attacks, inappropriate language and content, insults and harassment of any kind are strictly forbidden. Consider this an online classroom and ask yourself if your comments would be acceptable in our physical classroom setting.


  • You will need to be sure that your comments and posts are adding to the discussion of the book or text. Before posting a comment, question, or blog entry, ask yourself, "will this forward the discussion we are having?" Your thoughts and ideas should be supported, and you should be using specific details to illustrate your ideas. Your posts should build on the discussion by responding to comments other students have made on a particular subject.


  • Yes, you will be graded on some of your contributions to this site. What does this mean? Your blog entries and forum posts should be thoughtful reflections, interesting ideas, and discussion provoking comments related to our texts. You will be told in advance which posts will be graded and how they will be assessed. Be sure to proofread before you post.

Good luck, have fun, and happy posting!



There are a number of ways to earn extra credit in our English class. Let's start with grammar.

It is surprising just how many grammar mistakes we pass by every day. Signs that are missing their apostrophes (or have apostrophes when they shouldn't). Newspaper articles with obvious misspellings. Advertisements littered with dangling modifiers and prepositions left to fend for themselves at the end of sentences. So why not point out these mistakes and get some extra credit in the process!


See a sign with a grammar mistake? Take a picture, email Ms. Ward with an explanation of the mistake, and she will post your pic here. We're looking for local examples here, not pictures that you pull off of a Google search or random websites. Keep it local. 

Every day there will be a new word of the day posted on our board. Use it in a sentence, find it in song lyrics, find it in a book and you'll earn a point of extra credit. Write down the sentence where you found our used the words of the day and bring it for the next class period to earn a point of extra credit.

Finally, you can earn extra credit by using our unit vocabulary words outside of class.  So head into World Cultures and use our vocabulary words when you talk with Mr. McCauley. If you do, write down the sentence you said, have your teacher sign it, and you earn a point of extra credit. Find your vocabulary words in books or lyrics, and it is extra credit!


March Book Madness

(click to enlarge)

During the month of March, Ionia High School students and staff are invited to vote for their favorite books, helping us narrow down books to the elite eight, and then to the final four. Then, during the last week of March the showdown between the top two books begins.

We collected over 250 book recommendations from our students and staff. Now it's time to decide on our favorite book!

And the best part, you can win signed copies of books by voting! Each time that you participate in a daily vote, you are entered to win a signed copy of a book. We have signed books from so many different authors to give away!

So bookmark this page! Each day the challenge will go live at 7:30 am and close at 2:30 pm. We'll email the winning voters each day at 2:30 and tweet out the daily winning book.

The books change each day. So follow along on social media using #IoniaReads or check out our display by room 204! So let's get voting!

--Ms. Ward, room 204

Our Daily Agenda:

Please use the arrows in the lower left corner to scroll through our daily schedule. You can enlarge this presentation to full-screen making it easier to read by clicking on the X with arrows.

UNIT 3: American Dreams and Nightmares

UNIT 4: American Nightmares


  • How are elements of dark romanticism/gothic literature reflected in characters and setting?
  • How can fear paralyze a person’s mind?
  • What is the impact of feelings of guilt and shame on a person’s psychology?
  • What kind of mood can language and setting create?


Find our shared unit materials in our shared Google folder or by clicking HERE.


Introduction to our unit of study


Horror writers Montilee Stormer and Peggy Christie join us in class today to help us write our Gothic-inspired tales

Live streaming video by Ustream

Here's a little more about their visit to our classes on February 18th:


Local psychologist, Dr. Ward, talks with students about fear, dread, and the uncanny

Live streaming video by Ustream



Or, view our daily messages online HERE.


Birthdays Today

Birthdays Tomorrow


Each week our "Words of the Day" will all come from the same Latin or Greek root. This week's words all share a common root from the Latin BELLI meaning "war."

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